HELIX Rewards™
Turning Customers Into Referral Powerhouses!

HELIX Rewards™ is designed to help you:

  • Increase customer referrals
  • Access exciting new products
  • Offer new technologies
  • Earn FREE products quickly
  • Strong residual income potential
  • Earn the highest-level commissions right away
  • Expand your time freedom 

Helix Rewards Plan: 

Using a web-based infrastructure and proven, world-class in-house logistics, the Helix Life Rewards plan is strategically structured to offer brand new Promoters the highest possible compensation while simultaneously delivering enhanced leverage for experienced business builders.

HELIX Rewards™  Is The Next Evolution!

The Helix Life Rewards plan provides monthly product credits through the Helix Loyalty Rewards. Simply join our Loyalty Program, refer two Preferred Customers who do the same, and your monthly products could be FREE! Of course, you also can earn residual commissions on Preferred Customer sales.

Our unique Helix Rewards Infinity Rank™ Code plan system returns a very strong infinity payout without having to balance legs or negotiate new Promoter placements.

Our Helix Rewards Uni-Level residual plan uses a simple ranking achievement recognition structure where anyone with a strong desire and work ethic can achieve a true legacy residual income.